Quick Queue

Faster Airport Check-in

This is the project I created at the “IBM Mobile First for iOS” workshop. It’s an intensive 3-day workshop
that introduces designers to the Apple platform and all devices. At the workshop, I learned the iOS essential
knowledge and design skills before completing a design exercise.

Design Brief:
Mediterranean Airline has constant long waiting time at the check-in counter. Therefore, the solution is to
build an iPad app that allows reservation agents to help passengers in line to speed up their check-in process.

My Work Process:
1. Day in the life & Pain points
– Write the day in the life of the user
– State the problem and define the user goals & pain points.

2. Golden Thread
–  Write a narrative that takes through one key and compelling flow of the app from a user perspective.

3. Whiteboard/Sketching
–  Start sketching the screens that will illustrate the flow of the golden thread.

4. Hi-fidelity Design
– Create a pixel-perfect design from the sketches in Sketch app.

First Design:                                                                                                     Final Design: