Nok Fan Club

Nok Air's frequent flyer website

Nok Fan Club website is an important communication channel that Nok Air uses to connect with their frequent flyer members.
However, due to an unresponsive design, the website is not operating its full functional and effectiveness. In order to
better serving their current and future members, Nok Fan Club website needs to be more user-friendly, easier to
navigate and compatible with all devices.

My responsibilities include:

1. User Research
I did an in-depth investigation and analysis of competitors to access competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
Then I proposed design recommendations based on the research.


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2. User Personas
I conducted a survey among 100 customers and a depth interview on 10 members from different membership types.  
All the useful insights on users and their behaviours are shown below.

 DAN_nokfanclub_personas3 DAN_nokfanclub_personas4
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3. UX/Wireframes
I designed the web layouts before making a basic prototype and testing it with the real users.

Direction 1: A clean and easy-to-understand approach with all the important information displayed.
nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 1 nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 2 nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 3
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Direction 2: A minimal yet elegant design that aims to hide all the details as much as possible.
This includes a hidden pop-up signup and log in.

nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 4 nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 5nokfanclub_wireframes_Artboard 6
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4. UI Design
Accordingly, a beautifully and functionally designed website was created. The next process is to do another
user testing with a more advanced prototype.

01 02 03
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