Hunter Radar

Explore your own community

It’s hard for East Harlem businesses to thrive because local residents do not eat or shop within
their own community. Our goal was to help businesses attract the business of the 1,500 students
at nearby Hunter College. To create something effective, we strove to design something low-cost,
easily updatable, and inclusive.

Businesses of East Harlem, one of the largest multicultural communities in New York,
struggle to thrive and feel a sense of community. Instead of supporting local establishments,
residents frequent businesses outside the neighborhood. Despite continuing efforts of
Hope Community Inc. to garner business for local establishments, campaigns have not created
measurable results. Business owners struggle to gain the business of the 1,500 students at
nearby Hunter College who have busy schedules. Building upon existing campaigns,
Hunteradar is a bi-monthly flyer showcasing a trio of businesses tied together by a common topic,
all within walking distance of the campus.

“Hunteradar” is a flyer that each month features three businesses curated around a theme and
organized by distance from campus. With the template, Hope Community Inc. can cheaply update
and print the flyer in-house. Its frequent publication schedule allows for a variety of businesses to
get visibility.

* Produced in collaboration with Eileen Lopez and RJ Sakai. *
* Responsibility: Ideation and Visual Design. *