Eat Healthy Effortlessly

Healthy Eating
Delivered Right to Your Door Step.

Younger Thai consumers are trending toward more health-conscious eating. However, while most of them are willing to
spend more money for healthier products, choices for good and healthy food are still limited. Thus, ‘EatWell’ app will
help make healthy eating easier. EatWell will carefully select dishes from your favorite local restaurants and deliver them
to your place. It will also help you smartly track your diet with an automatic food log from your food order (or you can just
log your food manually). On top of that, you will receive recommendations for a daily balanced meal plan and clean-eating
choices when you eat out.

Target Audiences
Bangkokian, age 20-45 years, health-conscious eater.

Research (50 Responses)



  1. Meals from many restaurants that provide food delivery service are not particularly healthy. On the other hand,
    foods from shops that specialize in healthy meals tend to be bland in both appearance and taste.
  2. Restaurants in Bangkok rarely provide detailed nutritional information. At best, some may list information on
    net calorie, which is inadequate for a more healthy eater.
  3. When using the food-tracking apps, logging food intake is tedious, inconvenient, and time-consuming.
    An easier way to track diet intake is needed to prevent users from quitting the app.

Design Features

  1. A list of well-selected menus displayed nicely with important nutrition information.
  2. An effortless diet logging and a beautiful dashboard that helps users easily monitor, analyze,
    and track their progress.
  3. A personalized recommendations on a daily balanced meal plan and eat out dishes.
  4. A simple food search and checkout.

Scope of the project

In the initial phase, the application will begin operating around a small zone in Bangkok. After a few months,
we will attempt to expand into larger area, and eventually cover the entire Bangkok.

Future Development

  1. Incorporate exercise/fitness function into the application
  2. Collaborate with online grocery shopping and cooking apps, so people can make their favorite meals at home.