Dish Customer Journey Map

User Persona + Journey Map

* Data collected from the usability testing in June 2014. *Dish Customer Journey MapKate Presentation.001 Kate Presentation.002

Even though Dish network has launched the online website, most signups have been done offline.
According to Google Analytics 1/1/2014 – 3/31/2014 (Excluding Customers and Mobile),
10% of online customers enter the cart, 4% make it configure the cart, and only 2% check out.

To find the customer’s pain points through a customer journey map and come up with solutions
that will help increase the online signup rates.

1. Current customers whose contracts are expiring.
2. Potential customers who are dissatisfied with their current providers.

1. Navigation: Ambiguous labels and inconsistent use of navigation patterns disorient the user
and make it difficult to find information they are looking for.
2. Shopping cart: Items in the cart are hidden from the user’s view while alternative offers are
still pushed. The subsequent configuration screen is too dense with information and needs to be
broken down into multiple steps
3. Product information: Users cannot compare products by channel and other key features.
Opportunities are missed by pushing people into the purchase path prematurely without allowing
them to determine which products and add-ons are matching their needs and budget.

1. Cart Starters:
– Be more aggressive with driving to the cart with “buy today” type offers and codes.
– Assure them that they can up/down-grade afterwards.
2. Browsing:
– Offer personalized help in getting them to the right package and explaining Dish’s advantages.
– Don’t push them to buy today, but retarget them, as return visitors are more likely to start a cart.