Experience in teaching visual comm

I was invited to be an adjunct professor at the faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University
(No.1 University in Thailand). With the anticipation that I could bring back the innovative and valuable
aspects to students, I as the youngest professor since the university established, was also responsible to
created a syllabus, planned and developed instructional strategies for 50 students with diverse backgrounds.
It was my challenge to teach principles of design to necessary skills as well as to maintain cultivate a positive
learning environment.

Since many of my students have no design background, I started teaching by trying to make students feel
that design is not hard and fun. I asked them to play with typeface and created any kind of animal. At this
stage students felt more comfortable using a transform tool and some basic tools.

Below are some examples of my student work:

ppp presentation

Then in order to teach them how to apply concept into their design. I challenged them to combine visual and text
together and create a meaningful typography of their name. For example: “Nok” (means bird in Thai) used birds
to decorate and portray the meaning of her name.

student work03-01

At this stage, my students acquired some skills and were ready for the next challenge. I asked them to create a
Christmas card in 2 hours. The idea was to try to teach them how to complete the project under tight time and
requirements. (65 – 70% of students finished the project in time.)student work-01
The last assignment was to create a corporate identity for any brand they like.

Finally I received exceptional assessment 10/10 and was offered full-time employment.