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Interactive Music VDO + Art

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Change perceptions of  museums from a boring and too conceptual place into a fun and interesting place
through the Cooper Hewitt Museum website.

Target Audience:
Museum Goers and Potential Museum Goers.
– Male & female, age 12 – 60 years old.
– Frequent gallery attendees who visit at least once a year.
– Passionate about art but do not want to take any effort.
– Love and use technologies in everyday life.

Insights:   Everyone loves music. It is a powerful tool to connecting with life. Worldwide, music is
also more common than observing paintings.

Idea: Viewing art should be as fun as watching other web entertainments.

Solution: Make the collection of the Cooper Hewitt come alive with a personal music video that integrates
the art collection, song, together with your own move through a web cam.

How it works:
1. Enter the site and enable the web cam.
2. Record the MV.
3. Preview the MV.
4. Learn more about the collection.
5. Save or share your VDO.

The results:
90% of people feel positive about the experience.
70% of people definitely revisit the museum.

Now the website is still in the developing process. But eventually, the user will be able to select images in the gallery,
theme, timing of the clip and also songs. Try the current version here.

photo 4 photo 5