‘Kate Sukpisan’ ‘Kate Sukpisan’ is a UX designer, who works at the intersection of design, business, and technology.
Her work is committed to drive action, generate results, and make for change. In the past, Kate has several years of experience
working in a variety of industries, including consulting (banking), consumer electronics, and advertising.

Kate is also…

A hybrid designer:
Kate is an experienced UX/UI designer with a thorough knowledge of information architecture and front-end programming.
She believes that aesthetics are as important as practicalities.

A problem solver:
Kate loves to explore real user needs and work on various platforms to create effective design solutions that help clients
reach their business goals.

A cross-cultural designer:
Being raised in an international environment, Kate understands global perspectives and is able to create a universal design
that goes beyond nationality, race, cultural differences, and other limitations.

Her specialties include:
UX design   |   Interaction Design   |   Visual design   |   Copywriting

Download Resume here:
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